100 % natural organic fertilizers


Humosal as our product

Humosal is 100% natural organic fertilizer which is obtained from the accelerated biological degradation of fully matured horse manure by action of red Californian worms (lat. Lumbricus rubellus) in highly controlled conditions with daily supervision, and by using high technology and knowledge.

According to Annex I of (EC) Commission's Regulation no. 889/2008 on the rules for organic production, this type of fertilizer is allowed for use in organic production.

(Initially permitted under Regulation (EC) no. 2092/91 and carried over by Article 16 paragraph 3 section (c) of Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007).


Why to use Humosal

Nowadays, when the soil is exhausted by the excessive usage of artificial fertilizers and pesticides to assure enough food quantity, there is a need for upgrading agricultural land by using quality fertilizers produced in a biological way and this production will be shown as a basis for existence of humanity in economical, social and ecological aspects.

On the other hand, infertile lands exist all over the world without the possibility of agricultural production because of soil structure in places where there is not enough alkaline elements such as Ca, K, Mg, Na and especially calcium which is the basis of every fertile soil. Larger quantities of natrium turn the soil into infertile and arid. 

This resulted in a need for 100% natural organic fertilizer- Humosal, to compensate for the missing microelements.

Some cultures could give good results even on the soil where, in other case, they would not prosper.

Humosal, produced by the help of Californian worms, can be used as an organic fertilizer for all biological productions: fruit, vegetables, flowers, vineyards, for maintaining greenery because vermicompost’s substances are the basis for soil fertility. This material has plenty useful bacterium and fungus and it can make exhausted soil alive again.

It can be used for private or commercial plant cultivation.


Humosal is of petty, fine structure, with neutral pH values and optimal moisture so it could obtain its diverse microbial and enzymatic activity, phytohormones and nutrients such as N, K, P, Ca and Mg in a form suitable for plants and in concentration which is several times higher that the one in animal manure.




By using Humosal you can create positive effects on germination, growth and productivity of plants as well as increase resistance of plants to fungal and bacterial diseases.


Plants like: tomato, pepper, eggplant, cabbage, kale, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, potato, onion, citrus, cactus, grapevine, apple, pear and various other plants usually grow better fertilized with Humosal.


How to use Humosal

Flower pots can be fertilized during the entire year by adding Humosal in up to 5% of pot volume. Humosal is mixed into the surface layer of soil and than it is properly watered. During replanting we put 0,5 dcl (0,05 l, 50 cm³) of Humosal along plant’s root. For planting flower or vegetable seedlings we put 0,1 dcl (0,01 l, 10 cm³) of Humosal in 1 liter (1000 cm³). Fertilization of other fruit is done by putting 0,5 - 1 liter (500 - 1000cm³) per square meter in treetop radius.




By putting Humosal close to the root or by using larger amounts than recommended you can not harm the plant.


Lifetime: 5 years. We recommend using it all up after one month from opening.


Humosal, as a high quality organic fertilizer, is necessary in every form of ecological production of fruit, vegetables, flowers, vineyards and for maintaining greenery, because vermicompost’s substances and microorganisms are the basis for soil fertility.